Conference and meeting rooms

Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

Conference and meeting rooms at the Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

  All conference and meeting rooms have daylight, but can also be darkened.
  Our free of charge wireless LAN is also available in every room.
  The "Rote Halle" and "Weiße Halle" are even accessible for a car.

As diverse as our rooms are the pertaining options. In case any questions are not clarified here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are experts in our field and always yield to give the best possible conditions for your conference.

In order to give you the best possible impression of what your event at the Hotel Camp Reinsehlen might look like, we provide here some panoramic views of our rooms.

With a click on our map you will get a look to the buildings in which the meeting rooms are.

360° Panoramic views

To give you a good idea of what your conference or meeting at the Hotel Camp Reinsehlen might look like, we provide some Panoramic views of our rooms.

Rates (apart from fixed rates)

 Dialog in the restaurant Gasthaus EUR 210.00 to 350.00
  DenkZentrum in the restaurant Gasthaus EUR 290.00 to 450.00
  Tagungsraum the restaurant Gasthaus EUR 390.00 to 500.00
  Rote Halle EUR 1050.00 to 1350.00
  Weiße Halle EUR 1300.00 to 1800.00

  FreiRaum in the Atelier EUR 550.00 to 700.00
  SprechZimmer in the Atelier EUR 150.00 to 250.00
  EinfallsReich or GeistReich or IdeenReich EUR 550.00 to 700.00
  Combination of two rooms in the LehrReich EUR 1100.00 to 1400.00
  The whole LehrReich EUR 1650.00 to 2100.00

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