The relaxing room

Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

Gain more strength and well-being in our spa paradise.

You can lean back and relax, while we give you a massage or a cosmetic treatment.

Our Finnish dry sauna and our steam bath provide for quick recreation.

Please make an appointment for your desired date in time.


Partial massages

Partial massages as desired.
Surcharge for massages with an aromatic oil of your choice  3.00 €.

30 Min. 35.00 €

Full-body massage

For deep relaxation.
Surcharge for massages with an aromatic oil of your choice : 3.00 €

60 Min. 65.00 €

Alkaline back massage "Salt-Oil"

The worthy stimulating oils and the alkaline mineral salt create a peeling effect, with which dead skin particles are removed from the skin and it is soothed by alkaline minerals.

30 Min. 39.00 €

Detoxifying back massage "Salt-Honey"

A very strongly refreshing and stimulating treatment, which supports the blood circulation and lymph activity.

30 Mi. 39.00 €

Hot Stone

Full-body massage with oil and hot stones, which are placed on the energy points
of the body.

The heat combined with the massaging method - by hand and also with the stones - stimulates the blood circulation, loosens the muscles and activates your self-healing powers.

60 Min. 69.00 €

Herbal stamp massage

This type of full-body massage is a well-being experience from head to toe.
The combination of special selected oils, aromatic herbal compositions, smooth and warm stamps and soft touches makes this treatment something very special.

60 Mi. 69.00 €

Lomi Lomi

On request, only on certain days.
A Lomi massage will not only give you unbelievably deep relaxation, but also satisfy your need for a purification of body, mind and soul. In a healthy body, energy will flow. Illnesses cause blockings that manifest physically as tension.
The massage shall reestablish physical and mental balance.

90 Min. 99.00 €


Beauty Exclusiv

Skin analysis, cleansing & peeling, exfoliation, eye-brow correction, ampoule, facial, neck and decolleté massage, daily care.

90 Min. 79.00 €

Beauty Men

A power ingredient protects the skin, gives intensive moisture and reduces wrinkles.
A relaxing head and neck massage will give you inner peace.

75 Min. 69.00 €

Bride's Make-Up

Perfect make-up for your most beautiful day incl. 1 test make-up on the day before.

Starting from 89.00 €

Only in combination with other treatments - no individual treatment


Eyebrow colouring 10.00 €
Eyelash colouring 12.00 €
Eyelash curling 29.00 €
Firming eye mask 29.00 €


For beautiful hands  
30 Min. 29.00 €
Peeling 3.00 €
Nail polish 3.00 €

Wax epilation

Upper lip or chin 12.00 € each 
Both legs up to knee 39.00 €
Both legs completely 59.00 €
Bikini zone or armpits 29.00 € each

Ear candles

Are placed in the outer auditory passage. The heat has a deeply relaxing effect. Residues in the auditory passage will dissolve, which leads to improved hearing. Recommended in case of discomfort of ears or head, migraine, inner  hyperkinesis, stress, burn-out, sleep disorders. 30 Min. 29.00 €

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