Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

In our culinary calendar you will find lots of special culinary dates throughout the year.

We compose it with regard to the seasons and their feast days, also taking into account seasonal availability of different fruits and vegetables.
Not only do we set great value upon best quality ingredients but also upon their regional origin.
This you can taste.

Visit us in Schneverdingen at our restaurant "Gasthaus".


School starters

On 17 August, we offer a school starters buffet for young and old in our restaurant “Gasthaus”.
24.50 € per person



On 6 October we celebrate Thanksgiving.
we will prepare a 4-course menu with the best from farm and field. 
34.50 € per person

1st and 2nd Christmas Day

Again, this year we will prepare our rich Christmas lunch on the 1st  and 2nd Christmas Day. For dinner on both Christmas Days we will indulge you with various menus.

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