Regional Delights

Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

In our culinary calendar you will find lots of special culinary dates throughout the year.

We compose it with regard to the seasons and their feast days, also taking into account seasonal availability of different fruits and vegetables.
Not only do we set great value upon best quality ingredients but also upon their regional origin.
This you can taste.

Visit us in Schneverdingen at our restaurant "Gasthaus".


Spring is near

We will serve you fresh crisp spring dishes from our “Gasthaus” kitchen.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, 14 April, we serve the four-course fish menu below.
Marinated fillet of salmon with wasabi cream
Potato fritters and small salad
Cream of pea soup
with coriander milk froth, lemon oil
and scampi
Fillet of cod fried on the skin
with colourful mixed spring vegetables
Dill and mustard sauce with heath potatoes
Hazelnut parfait
with rhubarb and tonka bean meringue
39.50 € per person
(Subject to changes - only with prior reservation)


For Easter Sunday, 16 April, and Easter Monday, 17 April, from 12.30 p.m. on, we serve a festive Easter menu with various main courses to choose from.

We will offer this menu also for Easter Monday evening, 6.00 p.m.
(Only with prior reservation)

Asparagus season

Harvest-fresh asparagus by our neighbour Mr. Heins, the farmer, prepared for you in our traditional way.
(Menu will soon be available)

Summer is here!

In the summer, the sun will shine on our plates. Light summer kitchen with the most wonderful products of this season.

“Heidjer Vesper” (regional specialties)

On 28 July, we invite you for a “Heidjer Vesper”. Enjoy many small “Heath” Tapas from our “Gasthaus” kitchen at a long table with nice people around.
28.50 € per person
(Only with prior reservation)

School starters

On 5 August, we offer a school starters buffet for young and old in our restaurant “Gasthaus”.
21.00 € per person
For children up to 11 years you pay only half the price.
And all school starters will eat for free.
(Only with prior reservation)


8 and 15 September - in the evening in the restaurant “Gasthaus”: “BURGER ASSEMBLY”
Select from various buns, burger patties
and dips from our buffet and “assemble” your favourite burger
(vegetarians welcome)
Of course we will also provide for sides and salads. Complete the menu with brownie, apple pie etc.
25.00 € per person
(Please observe: only with prior reservation)


On 1 October we celebrate Thanksgiving.
We will prepare a 4-course menu with roast turkey and the best from farm and field. 
32.50 € per person
(Please observe: only with prior reservation)

Looking for autumn!

“Cabbage & carrots in (and more) in our kitchen” autumn dishes on our menu

Christmas is calling...

From the 1st to the 3rd Advent, we serve the classic Sunday roast for lunch, from 12.00 p.m. on. With a soup for starters and a delicious dessert we will make it complete.
28.00 € per person

Tea time in the Christmas season

On the 2nd Advent, we invite you to enjoy tea time in our lobby. With Christmas biscuits and aromatic punch we would like to make your afternoon a pleasant one.
(Please observe: only with prior reservation)

1st and 2nd Christmas Day

Again, this year we will prepare our rich Christmas brunch on the 1st Christmas Day. For dinner as well as on the 2nd Christmas day, we will indulge you with various menus.
(Please observe: only with prior reservation)

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