Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

Of all areas in Europe, the number of leasure and adventure parks is the highest in the Lueneburg Heath.

The offer is particularly diverse for the young at heart or for the whole family.

Pietzmoor (Pietz bog)

Eight thousand years old, but still appealing: The Pietzmoor attracts with its bizarre natural scenery and mysterious atmosphere.

Go hiking on an approximately 5 km long circular wooden boardwalk trail through the mysterious environment. In this fascinating raised bog landscape the observer will find a very special flora and fauna at all seasons. Enjoy the "cotton grass bloom" in the spring time, watch European adders or lizards in the summer, capture the mystical mood of autumn mists or relax on a walk over snow-covered boardwalks through the clear winter's air.

Hoepen and Heather Garden

Here you will find everything that is so typial of the Lüneburg Heath. Between birches, beehives and junipers, herds of moorland sheep graze near their shepherd. 

Carriage drivers stir their coaches safely over sandy trails and curious hikers follow the nature trails and pass mixed forests and buckwheat fields or visit the heath garden.

 The "Hoepenberg" (Hoepen Hill) with its 119 m above sea level is the highest hill in Schneverdingen and offers a stunning distant view – as far as the "Wilseder Berg" if the weather is fine.
The heather garden is unique in Germany and is located at the Hoepen's entrance directly in front of the moorland sheep barn. In 1990, the heather garden was finished with the intention to show the diversity of heather varieties in an appealing way. More than 130 types of heather in more than 120,000 plants can be seen there. Due to the special selection of heather plants it is possible to see plants in bloom throughout the year. The heather garden is a publically available area that you can visit any time of day.

The "Osterheide" Nature Reserve

The Osterheide nature reserve is located close to our Hotel Camp Reinsehlen. It is east of Schneverdingen and its vast heath areas stretch out to the Wilseder Berg nature reserve.

The Osterheide is one of the greatest heath areas. The landscape is smooth and quiet and only the only sound to hear the birch trees in the wind. Dark green juniper trees make a wonderful contrast to the purple heath areas.
The Osterheide area is wonderful for hiking, bicycle rides or making a tour with one of the many horse carriages, which wait at the parking lots.

Wilseder Berg and Totengrund

The Wilseder Berg is located in the center of the Lueneburg heath.
It is the hightest point in the Northwest German lowlands and offers a fantastic view of the wide blooming heathland.

The area around the Wilseder Berg is nearly free from car traffic. It is not only a marvellous hiking area but also a retreat for many rare animals and plants. In the center there is the idyllic village Wilsede. This small heath village with its tourist cafés and restaurants invites for a comfortable break. You can reach it only by foot, bicycle or conveniently by horse carriage.
Explore the Totengrund, two kilometers Southeast of Wilsede. When the heath is in full bloom, the vast valley turns into a sea of blossoms. In the spring, when nature awakens, the Totengrund is also a rewarding destination. Fans also like the Totengrund in winter or in foggy weather, when it shows a very mystical picture ....

Kiekeberg open-air museum

A family museum where you can touch.
In the Kiekeberg open-air museum more than 40 historical buildings and gardens on a 12-ha open-air site tell of the culture and way of life in the Winsener Marsch area and North of the Lueneburg Heath.

Historical buildings show farming from the 17 century. Colourful gardens, meadows with scattered fruit trees and pastures give an impression of life on the countryside in former times. Of course, a vivid museum also has "inhabitants": Old livestock species such as bentheim black pied, Schleswiger draught horses, "Bentheimer Landschaf" (sheep), and "Deutsches Schwarzbuntes Niederungsrind" (cattle) make the visit to the museum unforgettable for old and young.

There a several special day events on culinary, technical and botanical issues. All day events have a very special atmosphere.

The Kiekeberg open-air museum with its Agrarium has created Germany's only exhibition on agriculture and nutrition. On 3,300 sqm, the visitors learn about how food is produced, how farmers work, about the modern food processing industry and the development of agricultural technology. Many "have-a-try" stations, a teaching kitchen and the coffee roastery make all issues easily comprehensible.

"Barfußpark" (barefoot park) in Egestorf

Pleasant - prickling - soft - fresh - fluffy. The Egestorf Barfußpark is Northern Germany's greatest nature experience park and is located in the Lueneburg Heath directly at the A7.

You will sharpen your senses and experience the stimulating nature in a beautiful environment! Get yourself some rest for stressed feet and walk over stones, mulch, bark, grass, water, earth, pebbles, sand, clay, wood, bog, glass, ....

Heidekastell Iserhatsche

Iserhatsche is a landscape park in the community of Bispingen. The 23-ha great park was redesigned by its current owner, Uwe Schulz-Ebschbach and extended with a hunting lodge and other sights.

You will see lots of surprises at the Iserhatsche in Bispingen. Find something interesting, magical and curious around every corner - just wonderfully crazy. For example, take a walk through the baroque garden, Europe's greatest "Philosophical baroque iron park", see tiny works of art made of matches or have a look at the world's greatest beer and phillumeny collection (matchboxes).

Bossard-Kunststaette (The Bossard site of arts)

The artist couple, Michael and Jutta bossard, made their dream of uniting life and art come true. Over four decades, the most exceptional "Gesamtkunstwerk" in Europe was created with buildings for personal logdging and studios, a temple of fine art and unique landscape garden gardening. 

In the Bossard site of arts you will find architecture, sculpture, painting, decorative arts, and garden art forming a unity, which makes this place extraordinarily unique.

Heide-Park Soltau

Heide-Park Soltau is one of the greatest and most attractive fun parks in Germany with playing, fun, and attractions for the whole family. 

You can take a ride in the "Colossos", the greatest wooden rollercoaster in Europe, or "Desert Race", which accelerates you from 9 to 100 km/h in three seconds. This is pure adrenaline.

SnowDome Bispingen

Winter pleasure throughout the year – this is what you find in the SnowDome in Bispingen.
On the 23,500 m² large snow surface with SNOW PARK, a 300 m slope, beginners' slope and "RODEL PARK" (sledging) beginners as well as experienced skiers and snowboarders will have their personal winter pleasures. Non-skiers can have lots of fun going down the 300 m long sledging distance on a sledge.

The Snowdome Bispingen also offers outdoor attractions during the warmer season: Surf on the "NORDWELLE", skate on the free-of-charge SKATE RAMP or train our coordination with balancing on SLACK LINES.


Go on a Safari tour in the Serengeti-Park and get close to many wild animals. Here you can experience many adventures with the whole family – no matter if it is fauna, water world, apes or leisure. 

Pass the giraffes, lions, apes, etc. in your own car or in the park bus. You can also walk through certain areas.

Wildpark Lueneburger Heide

Discover one of the most beautiful animal parks in the wildlife park with the most different species in Germany. At the edge of the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve, there are very rare animals to be seen such as snow leopards, arctic foxes, musk oxes, kodiak bears, brown bears, mountain goats, elks, lynx, racoons, wapitis, reindeer, polar wolves, Eastern timber wolves and grey wolves, all in their natural habitat.

On more than 60 ha the "Wildpark Lueneburger Heide" has 140 animal species with more than 1200 animals living there in the original landscape of the Northern heathland.
On more than 60 ha the "Wildpark Lueneburger Heide" has 140 animal species with more than 1200 animals living there in the original landscape of the Northern heathland.- See more at:

Welt-Vogelpark Walsrode

More than 4,000 birds from 650 different species are living in the Weltvogelpark Walsrode in a 24-ha great adventure and park landscape. 

It is the world's greatest bird park and among the ten zoos richest in species. It is thus not only a paradise for animal and garden fans but also an attraction for international bird explorers.

Designer Outlet in Soltau

The new shopping highlight in the Lueneburg Heath. It was opened in August 2012. The shops in the Premium Designer Outlet Soltau are operated by the manufacturers themselves or by their exclusive business partners. 

Collections from the previous year or sample collections as well as excess production are offered throughout the year by 30 to 70 percent below the recommended price by the manufacturers.