Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

As an alternative (or in addition) to catering during your stay, you can make use of the delicious and diverse offers and buffets of our restaurant 'Gasthaus'.

Experience and enjoy culinary specialties that include a treat for everyone, or let us indulge you with lunch packs and snacks.

Lunch packs

Little lunch pack
Fruit, 1 sandwich with ham and cheese, boiled egg, soft drink, muesli bar

9.00 € per person


Big lunch pack
Fruit, 2 sandwiches with different ham and cheese, boiled egg, breaded schnitzel, 1 piece of cake, for example a muffin, soft drink

14.50 € per person


Snack 1
Currywurst from the Heidschnucke, a full-grain bread roll,, small dessert

13.00 € per person


Snack 2
Laugenbrezel with butter, little cold schnitzel, vegetarian patties, small salad, small dessert

18.00 € per person


Snack 3
Carrot soup with chilli and ginger, a full-grain bread roll, vegetable sticks with herbal dip,
spicy chicken skewers, danish pastries and lye pastries, small dessert

19.50 € per person

Camp Barbecue Buffet

Various pickled grilled vegetables
Shrub tomatoes with mozzarella and basil pesto
Green leafy salads with balsamic dressing and parmesan shavings
Beef steaks in espresso chili marinade
Herbal pork neck steaks
Chicken breast in tandoori marinade
Spare ribs with barbecue sauce
Halloumi (grilled cheese in spicy marinade)
Hake fillet cooked in foil with lemon butter
Rosemary Potatoes
Mediterranean pan vegetables
Sour Cream & Dips
Baguette & Ciabatta
Caramel panna cotta with chocolate sauce
Fresh fruits, vanilla semolina pudding

37,00 € per person
(for 20 persons and more, bookable from March to October)

Tame the flame

We provide a barbecue device and the prepared food. You do the grilling yourself.

Watermelon salad with chilli, arugula, red onions and lime
Various pickled grilled vegetables
Farm salad with sheep's cheese and toasted bread
Beef steaks in espresso chilli marinade
Herbal pork neck steaks
Merguez (beef and lamb)
Turkey steaks in curry
Halloumi (grilled cheese in spicy marinade)
Baked potatoes with sour cream
Pasta salad with dried tomatoes
Baguette and Ciabatta
Various dips and butter preparations
Red berries with vanilla sauce

33.50 € per person
(for 15 persons and more)

Beer for self-draught: Chilled 10-l keg 69.50 €

Your own menu / buffet

You would like to have an exclusive dinner menu or a special buffet?
We gladly make a proposal based on your wishes.
Fixed rate for drinks and beverages.

Calculate the costs for drinks in beverages in advance?
Of course we can also compose individual fixed rates for drinks and beverages based on your ideas.

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