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Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

Hotel Camp Reinsehlen

  With its vast landscape, hotel CAMP REINSEHLEN is the ideal venue for successful events.

The outdoors options for incentives, company events and team building are nearly endless. No matter, if it is outdoors or inhouse, excite your guests and employees with extraordinary concepts that are setting the standards.

Nordic Biathlon

  The classic winter sport. Here you can also do it in summer.

Movement and fun, tension and focusing, this is what you get during Nordic Biathlon training. Discover your sportive capabilities and always keep a close eye on your target!

GEO Challenges

  The Indoor QR°Challenge is a search for QR codes and geocaches, behind which there are different tasks to be performed.

The best strategy, a little overview and good luck at guessing as well as common knowledge make winners in this game. The degree of competition is as scalable as the game length, team size and contents of the riddles. The iChallenge is based on the iPad’s multifunctional communication electronics.
The teams search for geocaches, QR codes, pictures, sites, have to solve riddles, answer questions or, upon request solve company-related tasks. A number of additional features like the integrated chat, the evaluation site or the team view of this iPad app make iChallenge a real high-tech adventure.

High-rope Course "Höhenweg"

  More than 120 tasks with zip slides and two free fall drop zones, climbing on five levels with total 20 m height.

Continuous safety connection, three levels of challenges, also suitable for children and seniors.
No jams, free choice of route, and ways to overtake. Entry and exit at any time. Direct trainer supervision of climbers at eye level, making quick interventions in case of crisis possible. Access for spectators up to top-level platform with deckchairs for relaxing.

Horse carriage tours over the heathland

  Explore the beautiful heath landscape and move with only two horsepowers.

This will slow you down and unexpected and often unknown recreation from stressful everyday life. Food and drink will be provided for: We will prepare a picnic basket full of treats for your trip.

Snow Dome

  Thrill your employees or customers with most different events.

Choose from cool highlights in the snow or the exciting specials on the "NORD WELLE" (north wave). In the exceptional atmosphere of SNOW DOME in Bispingen will find yourself on an emotional level that allows you to break new grounds and pursue fresh strategies.

Nordic Walking

  On sign-posted Nordic Walking routes over the heathland.

Your personal trainer will explain this easy-to-learn healthy sport.
Of course you may also borrow the requisite sticks from us (also for larger groups).

Guided hiking tours (for groups of 5+ persons)

  Explore the beautiful landscape with our heath ranger or experience and learn from the lively history of Camp Reinsehlen during »Camp Reinsehlen.

Then and Now«. Start a »Heath safari« and find out everything about the heath and heathland.
Of course you will also meet the shepherd with his typical "Heidschnucken", a special moorland sheep breed.


  A cosy end of the day – our bonfire place near the hotel lobby is most suitable for this purpose.

Bake stickbread, drink mulled wine and say goodnight to the sun ...
Heath bowling (for groups of 5+ persons)
Road bowling is a typical sport for northern Germany. Heath bowling is the same sport but played on a course over the heathland. You can discover your throwing skills and support your team to win.
Be active outdoors, have fun and learn more about nature and culture in the Lueneburg Heath.


  Teambuilding – this is the motto of the great Heide-Park olympics that can be organised individually for you.

Reach your next higher level of excellence, find out new personal limits, increase the »We feeling« and feel the energy and team spirit when highly motivated scouts bring their group to top level performance.

Bicycle rental

  You want to explore the beautiful environment by bicycle?

We have rental bikes on site (also for larger groups upon request).

Blind Dinner

  Enjoy a Four-course menu with your eyes blindfolded.

An exceptionalexperience for your senses, where it is not a feast for your eyes. Do we feast on our food or on its vision?

Wine degustation

  Enhance your sense of taste and test your perception in the world of flavours.

Experience the variety of selected wines. Learn the basics of wine evaluation within the course of a delicate wine tasting.

Keynote Speaker

  Establish innovative and creative ideas and give new impetus.

Outstanding personalities from economy, politics, science or sports may capture the attendants in a conference with their speeches, conveying new and interesting insights in a comprehensive way.
That encourage, motivate and show new opportunities brought by changes.

Drumming event

  Get connected through rhythm!

Be it DinnerDrumming, JunkDrumming or DrumCircle – feel the energy aring when you are drumming together.

Cocktail party

  Make up and taste new cocktail creations in a relaxed atmosphere.

The barkeeper will show you many tricks and have good advice for you.

Whisky Tasting

  Expert instructors will teach you how to evaluate notes of scent and taste, the body and the finish of a good whisky: in this exclusive whisky tasting, with a fine nose and trained palate you will unlock the secret of this aged drink.

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